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What is the Auto Top Up Credits feature?
What is the Auto Top Up Credits feature?

Understand what Auto Top Up Credits is, its benefits, and how to disable it.

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The Auto Top Up Credits feature automatically tops up your credits when your account has 12 or fewer credits remaining with the most recent credit package purchased. You will be billed via your chosen method of payment.


  • Convenience: Automatically and quickly top up your credits when you’re running low so you never run out – and never miss any action.

Note: This does not include the introductory 100-credit package for first-time purchases, which is topped up with the 200-credit package.

If you don’t want your account to be automatically topped-up with a new credit package when you run out:

Desktop and mobile web

  1. Click on the three horizontal pink lines [☰] in the top-left corner;

  2. Then on Settings;

  3. Then Account; and

  4. Finally, click on Purchases.

    • From here you can disable auto top-up.

iOS and Android

You can’t disable this feature from either of these platforms, so please follow the instructions described above.

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