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How do I use a prepaid credit card to make a purchase?
How do I use a prepaid credit card to make a purchase?

Understand the process and limitations for using a prepaid credit card to make a successful purchase on Ashley Madison.

Updated over a week ago

When making a purchase on Ashley Madison with a prepaid credit card, please consider the following before proceeding with your payment:

  • Not all cards will be accepted by our system;

  • International prepaid Visa or Mastercard cards are preferred; and

  • Before using a prepaid credit card, you must activate it for international online purchases. You can do this by calling the number/visiting the link on the back of the card and requesting to activate it for online purchases.

Important: If your card is not successfully activated for international online purchases, the system can’t complete the transaction. Some cards can take a few hours to activate. If your transaction failed immediately after activation, please wait 1-2 hours and try it again.

When using a prepaid credit card to make purchases:

  1. Access your account;

  2. Select Buy Credits;

  3. Choose your preferred package; and

  4. Select Credit Card as your method of payment.

    • All fields must be completed to process your payment, including the name on the credit card and billing address.

If no name or address is associated with the card you are using:

  1. Enter "Gift Card" as the name on the card;

  2. Enter "123 Main St." as the billing address; and

  3. Ensure the ZIP/postal code corresponds with the location used for your profile.

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