Why can't I find a profile anymore?

Understand the many reasons a profile could go missing from the Ashley Madison platform.

Updated over a week ago

You may have difficulty locating a profile for several reasons, including:

  • The Member has deleted the profile;

  • The Member's profile has been removed for violating our Terms and Conditions;

  • The Member currently has the profile set to Hidden;

  • The Member has blocked you;

  • The Member has changed his/her profile gender and/or desired preferences; and

  • The Member has deactivated the profile.

All messages from Members suspended for violating our Terms and Conditions will be automatically deleted from your Messages.

If you used Credits to send a message to any Member whose account was later suspended, we will automatically refund the Credits used to initiate contact with them.

If the Member in question has simply deleted or hidden their account, Credits will not be returned.

If you're unable to find the profile you want to report:

  1. Go to your Message Inbox;

  2. Retrieve their nickname of the Member you want to report;

  3. Contact us at [email protected] with the Member’s nickname and your reason for reporting them; and

  4. We'll ensure that the profile is thoroughly reviewed and the appropriate action is taken

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