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What is a Collect Message and how much does it cost?
What is a Collect Message and how much does it cost?

Understand what a Collect Message is, how much they cost, and some ways to help you save credits on Ashley Madison.

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A Collect Message is sent to a full member from a guest member who wants to engage with them, but doesn’t have the credits needed to initiate contact. It works just like a collect call, where the fee is paid by the member being contacted.

If you receive a Collect Message, the cost is five credits to view the message, plus additional credits to reply to it. Once paid, all other regular messages exchanged between you and that member are free.

It’s your choice to open any collect messages you receive. You can ignore them and instead read the sender’s profile and, if interested, send them your own message directly for the cost of the regular initial contact.

Tip: To read, review, or respond to any messages, you must be a full member.

Can men send Collect Messages?

Male members can’t send Collect Messages on Ashley Madison.

How can I save credits?

Some ways that can help you save credits include:

  • Before accepting a Collect Message, review the sender’s profile. If the profile is blank and/or you’re not interested, consider if it’s worth using credits to accept the message;

  • If you’re interested in the profile but don’t want to spend credits to accept the Collect Message, you can ignore/delete the unread Collect Message and send the member a message of your own. This way, it will only cost you credits to initiate contact, after which all further non-Priority Messages between you two will be free; and

  • If you’ve accepted the message and suspect the member is suspicious or fraudulent, please report the profile using the Report option, or email us at [email protected]. We’ll investigate and return any credits you spent initiating contact if that member is found to have violated our Terms and Conditions.

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