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Why am I getting replies to my Winks?
Why am I getting replies to my Winks?

Understand what a Quick Reply is, how they work, and how to disable them on desktop, mobile web, and on apps.

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Quick Reply is a personalized way that female members can communicate with male members. It’s the equivalent to sending a wink or adding a member as a favorite before initiating contact with them.

When using Winks and adding a member to your favorites, an automated message is sent to break the ice. Quick Reply messages are free and have the same function: they let fellow Ashley Madison members know you might be interested in them. The implication is that if there is a mutual interest, the recipient might want to reply.

Tip: Personalized messages always increase your chances of establishing a real connection.

Some women might assume that if you’re winking at them, you must be winking at other members, too. Sending a Wink is easy to do and some female members may choose to reply in similar fashion by using a precomposed reply (in this case called a Quick Reply).

If you want to stop receiving Quick Reply messages:

Desktop and mobile web

  • Click on the three horizontal pink lines [☰] in the top-left corner;

  • Then on Settings;

  • Then Notifications; and

  • Disable Quick Reply Messages.

iOS and Android

  • Tap on the three horizontal pink lines [☰] in the top left corner;

  • Then on Settings;

  • Then Profile Options; and

  • Disable I wish to receive Quick Reply messages.

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