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Why was my photo removed?
Why was my photo removed?

Understand the various reasons that could lead to your photos being classified, declined, or reassigned during our approval process.

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Ashley Madison has a Code of Conduct that members are expected to abide by with respect to images permitted. All photos uploaded to our platform are subject to approval.

We may classify, decline, or reassign your photo from your public gallery to your private or adult-rated gallery during our approval process.

Types of images that can lead to permanent suspension include:

  • Displays of violence, violent gestures, or gruesome imagery;

  • Depictions of criminal activity and/or drug use; and

  • Racist or hate imagery.

Tip: Photos cannot contain minors or personal contact information. Photos must reasonably depict an accurate representation of the member described in the profile.

For photo guidelines, please see below:

1. Public photos

  • Public photos cannot contain nudity or sexually suggestive imagery. Any photos containing this content will be reassigned as private or adult-rated photos; and

  • Photos featuring other people are also not permitted in the public section, and will be marked as private.

2. Private showcase photos

  • Most photos that cannot be displayed publicly will either be marked as private or adult-rated; and

  • Private showcase photos are not publicly visible, and can only be viewed by members who were given an access key. Members grant Private Keys at their own discretion.

3. Adult-rated photos

Nudity and sexually explicit imagery are classified as adult-rated. Adult-rated photos of other members are only displayed if you have opted in to see such images. You can opt in or out of this option by:

  • Going to Settings;

  • Then to your Account; and

  • Enable/disable View Explicit Photos.

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