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Does Ashley Madison offer private payment options?
Does Ashley Madison offer private payment options?

Understand the different private payment options accepted by Ashley Madison to ensure your privacy.

Updated over a week ago

Ashley Madison® accepts the following private payment options:

  • PayPal payments

  • Prepaid VISA/Mastercard

    • Tip: prepaid credit cards allow you to pay for services without disclosing any personal information at all.

  • Other discreet methods are based on your region.

When paying by credit card, transaction details are encrypted, and securely transmitted to the payment processors, and a discreet, nondescript charge will appear on your account (exceptions may apply as some banks and credit card companies may override our discreet descriptor on your invoice). We store the last four (4) digits of your card, your name, and your address for accounting purposes (in an encrypted format).

We do collect and store some of the payment information that you provide to us. It is stored in an encrypted format. For more details about how long we retain this information, review Section 8 of our Privacy Policy.

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