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What is a Priority Message?
What is a Priority Message?

Understand what a Priority Message is, its benefits, and how to disable them on desktop/mobile web and apps.

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Priority Messages are credit-based and allow Full Members to break through inbox clutter by appearing at the top of a recipient’s inbox for better visibility, which can lead to more action.


  • Better visibility: Priority Messages rise to the top of the recipients' inboxes and feature a distinct Priority badge for extra attention.

  • More value: Priority Messages include a read receipt to confirm whether your message was read.

For the cost of messaging, please visit the Messages page and click on the envelope icon [✉]. If using an iOS app, please contact customer service.

Disabling Priority Messages

By default, all messages on Ashley Madison® are sent with Priority Message. To change this setting:

Desktop or mobile web

  1. Click on the three horizontal pink lines [☰] in the top-left corner;

  2. Then on Settings;

  3. Then Account; and

  4. Disable Send all messages priority.

iOS and Android

  1. Tap on the three horizontal pink lines [☰] in the top left corner;

  2. Then on Settings;

  3. Then Profile Options; and

  4. Disable Enable priority mail automatically.

Alternatively, you can also manually deselect this option on the messaging screen each time you compose your message.

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