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How do I prevent automatic charges on my account?
How do I prevent automatic charges on my account?

Understand the difference between credits and subscription features on Ashley Madison, and how to cancel automatic subscription features.

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Buying credits from Ashley Madison is not subscription-based. You will remain a full member providing you have a positive credit balance in your account.

To cancel any automatic re-billing features (eg. Prime, Priority Man, etc.), access your account on desktop or mobile web, and:

  1. Log in to your Ashley Madison account using your case-sensitive username and password;

  2. Click on the three horizontal pink lines [☰] in the top-left corner;

  3. Then on Settings;

  4. Then Account; and

  5. Select Purchases.

    • Here you can access information about your credits, purchase history, auto top-up, and active subscriptions, and can make the necessary adjustments.

Unfortunately, you cannot cancel subscriptions using the Ashley Madison app.

Tip: Canceled subscriptions in advance of their renewal date are not eligible for a refund during the current billing period. This action simply prevents the subscription from renewing automatically upon the renewal date, and you can continue enjoying your subscription until its expiration date.

Very important: Effective immediately, fraudulent cancellations now result in immediate account suspension, investigation, and possible legal action. Fraudulently disputing transactions through banks/credit card issuers may be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law.

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