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What charge will appear on my credit card statement?
What charge will appear on my credit card statement?

Understand how charges for Ashley Madison will appear on your credit card statement and the possible third-party exceptions.

Updated over a week ago

To protect the privacy of our members, we don’t provide the exact billing description for credit and debit card purchases on this page.

Statements are billed discreetly using a billing descriptor that does not indicate that the payment is for Ashley Madison (exceptions may apply as some banks or credit card companies can override our discreet descriptor on your invoice).

Tip: Make note of the date and amount of your payment to Ashley Madison so you will recognize the charge on your statement.

Please ensure that you keep your email account secure.

IMPORTANT: Your statement may show Ashley Madison as the descriptor if you choose specific payment methods such as iTunes, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. Unfortunately, we cannot change how third parties label their descriptors. Additionally, your bank or credit card company may override our discreet billing practices based on their own terms and conditions.

For more information on available packages and discreet methods of payment, please visit the Buy Credits page while logged in to your Ashley Madison account (note: this link will take you to our login page if you are not already logged in to your account.)

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