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How do I reinstate/reactivate my account? What if my account was suspended?
How do I reinstate/reactivate my account? What if my account was suspended?

Understand the differences between reactivating deleted, suspended, and deactivated accounts.

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If you took a short break from Ashley Madison and deactivated your account but would like to reactivate it, please reference Deactivated Accounts below.

Sometimes our members choose to take a longer break and fully delete their Ashley Madison account. If this applies to you and you’re looking to reinstate your deleted account, please reference Fully-deleted Accounts below.

To maintain our high-quality community of like-minded members, our system will occasionally suspend certain accounts. However, we understand that situations can change and following a thorough review, certain accounts may be reinstated. If your account was suspended and you’re looking for more information, please reference Suspended accounts below:

1) Deactivated accounts

If you have deactivated your account within the last twelve (12) months and would like it reactivated, please contact our Customer Service Team at [email protected] and an agent can reactivate it for you. If you had a positive credit balance at the time of deactivation, the credit balance will remain the same.

Due to our efforts to keep customers’ data private and secure, inactive accounts are fully deleted. As stated in Section 2.F of our Terms & Conditions: “Your right to access your account will expire, you will lose any unused credits or other units in your account, and your account automatically will be deleted after twelve (12) months of inactivity (i.e., 12 months since your most recent login). This provision does not apply to inactive accounts that have an existing membership subscription association with them. If you deactivate an account that had credits but no membership subscription, and did so more than 12 months ago, please read Option 2 below for more information.

2) Fully-deleted accounts

If you have fully deleted your account, unfortunately, you will no longer be able to reinstate it. If you wish to join our community of like-minded members once again, we invite you to create a new account.

Important: By fully deleting your account, you forfeit the remaining credit balance associated with it. Unfortunately, we cannot reinstate these credits as stated in our Terms and Conditions.

3) Suspended accounts

If your account was suspended, please refer to this article for more information.

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