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How do I write a good About Me section?
How do I write a good About Me section?

Craft an About Me section for your Ashley Madison profile that generates interest with these practical tips and takeaways.

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An interesting About Me section is essential for making a good first impression and getting other members’ attention on Ashley Madison.

We recently conducted an Ashley Madison member survey* and found the following:

93% of responding members said they always read someone’s profile before messaging them, 39% said they aren’t interested if a profile doesn’t have enough information, and 27% won’t initiate contact if it’s unclear what someone’s looking for.

To help you craft your About Me section for the best results possible, here are some tips and takeaways:

Be honest and authentic: Your About Me section should be an accurate representation of who you are and what you’re after, so be honest about your intentions. Nothing can sink a conversation faster than realizing the person you’re talking to is full of it.

Tip: Instead of writing what you think members want to hear, double down on the truth. If you’re looking for a casual, sex-only arrangement, just say so and make your offer as enticing as possible.

Highlight your best qualities: Use your About Me section to showcase your best qualities and highlight what makes you unique and worth connecting with.

Tip: Try to keep things contextually relevant, and focus on the attributes that will entice someone to get to know you better. Are you the life of the party? A great lover? Well-groomed? These are the kinds of qualities that potential matches would love to hear about you.

Be specific: When describing yourself, be specific about what you’re looking for on Ashley Madison and what your expectations are. This will help attract like-minded members and increase your chances of making connections.

Tip: Instead of using vague phrases like "I like to have fun,” “I love to laugh,” or ”I like going out and staying in,” be specific about the activities you do like and what you’re looking for on Ashley Madison.

Use humor: A little bit of humor can go a long way in making your profile stand out, and showing off your personality. It can also help members who might be overly cautious or shy feel more comfortable messaging you.

Tip: Remember, what people find funny is subjective. Until you have a handle on who you’re talking to and the type of humor they respond to, try to keep any funny anecdotes or phrases in your profile light and respectful.

Be positive: Nobody likes a Debbie Downer, and your About Me isn’t the place to complain – it’s supposed to attract people and encourage them to connect with you! Avoid negative language or dredging up past relationships, and focus on the positive aspects of your life and what you're looking for in an encounter.

Tip: Avoid using negative phrases that raise the red flags like "Don't bother messaging me if…,” "I have a low tolerance for nonsense," or "Impress me.” Remember: you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.

Keep it short and direct: Members aren’t here to read a novel. Keep your About Me concise and to the point, highlighting the most compelling information about yourself.

Tip: When trying to capture someone’s attention in just a few sentences, be as concise as possible. Try stringing together scannable descriptors that let your personality shine through, like “Foodie. Dog lover. Sports fan,” etc.

Proofread: While spelling and grammar might not matter to you, it likely does for others. Grammar helps us communicate effectively, and a profile riddled with typos or incorrect punctuation can be a deterrent when deciding to message someone.

Tip: Technology is your friend. If spelling and grammar aren’t your strong suit, leverage apps and programs like Grammarly or Google docs to ensure the messages you’re sending are well-written and polished. Illegible or unpolished messages can be a turn-off for members.

Remember, your dating profile is a reflection of yourself and what you're looking for on Ashley Madison. Take the time to craft a great one, and you'll increase your chances of making connections.

A note on discretion: At Ashley Madison, we strive to keep our community secure and discreet. That’s why our members control when to reveal personal details to other members, including photos and certain profile information.

*The Ashley Madison Member Survey was conducted in March and April of 2023, with the results reflecting the opinions of a small sample of 3,277 Ashley Madison members.

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