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How do I write a good profile Greeting?
How do I write a good profile Greeting?

Learn how to craft a profile Greeting that plays to your strengths, promotes conversation, and sets you apart from other members.

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Your profile Greeting is the first thing a member sees when they check out your profile, so it’s important to grab their attention right away. You could think of it as an advertising headline promoting yourself.

Here are some tips for writing a great Greeting:

Be original: Your Greeting should differentiate you from other members, so avoid using clichéd, overused, or boring phrases. Try to write something unique that showcases your personality.

Avoid generic or non-descript Greetings like:

  • "Hey/hi/hello.”

  • "New here."

  • “Curious.

Keep it short and sweet: Your headline should be concise and to the point, and ideally no longer than one or two sentences. Avoid using long sentences or paragraphs because they can be overwhelming and difficult to read. Try stringing together scannable descriptors that let your personality shine through, and help you to look self-assured and direct.

Try something like:

  • “Sweet, funny, ambitious, thoughtful, easy-going.”

  • "Looking for an emotional connection.”

  • “Looking to spice up my life with someone fun.”

Highlight your interests and personality: Your headline should give people an idea of who you are and what interests you. Highlight your hobbies, passions, or unique personality traits to attract like-minded members. Remember: point form is okay and lets you convey a lot of information quickly.

Try something like:

  • "Adventure seeker with a passion for hiking and travel."

  • "Dynamic. Professional. Looking for some excitement."

  • “Fun and spontaneous: Shoot a message and take a chance!”

Be positive: Don’t use negative or self-deprecating language in your Greeting. Instead, focus on positive aspects of yourself and/or what you're looking for in a connection. Remember: low self-esteem isn’t modesty, it’s a turn-off.

Avoid Greetings that could be perceived as red flags, like:

  • "I don’t know why I’m here.”

  • "Don’t message me if…"

  • “Feel like lowering your standards and going on a date with me?”

Use (appropriate) humor: A well-placed joke or clever pun can do wonders to catch someone's attention and encourage them to learn more about you. Just make sure that what you write is appropriate, respectful, and doesn't offend anyone.

Lead with a question: Another effective strategy is to lead with a question that prompts members to answer. The questions should be interesting enough to get someone to reach out to you and answer, while also giving them a taste of your personality.

Try something like:

  • "What’s the worst opening line you’ve ever received?”

  • "Imagine you’re going sailing around the world. What’s the name of your boat?”

  • “If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life, what would it be?”

Remember, your Greeting is a chance to showcase your personality and convince members to connect with you, so take the time to brainstorm a Greeting that members will find irresistible.

A note on discretion: At Ashley Madison, we strive to keep our community secure and discreet. That’s why our members control when to reveal personal details to other members, including photos and certain profile information.

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