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Does Ashley Madison® show your phone number?
Does Ashley Madison® show your phone number?

Understand that you control the information you share on Ashley Madison, as well as additional privacy measures.

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Ashley Madison doesn’t display phone numbers, as discretion of personal information is a founding principle.

Ashley Madison members decide which information they want to share, when they want to share it, and with who they want to share it with.

If privacy is a concern, consider:

  • Not using your personal or work email address. Instead, you can sign up at Ashley Madison using a dedicated email account that you create exclusively for use on our platform. Don’t use any part of your name or your street address in your email address (e.g., [email protected] or [email protected] would be problematic);

  • Creating a username that doesn’t identify you in any way; and

  • Being cautious before sharing any personal details (full name, telephone number, personal or work email address, social media handles, home address, name of your workplace, details of your daily routine, etc.) with people you meet online.

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